The Atlantis Georgias

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The Atlantis Georgias are one of 24 teams in Internet League Blaseball, an online splorts simulation made by The Game Band.

This website is currently under construction. Let boat (@thraenthraen#7090) know if there's anything in particular you'd like included here or if you'd like edit access to help build the site! Georgias Good!

Blaseball News and Updates

Season 2

The Georgias kept up the good work in season 2, finishing with a 52-38 record. We made it to the post season, but lost to the Yellowstone Magic in the quarterfinals. Four new, umpire themed solar eclipse weathers made their way through the league, cursing, incinerating, alternating, and swearing at various players. No players currently active on the Atlantis Georgias were hit by any of these effects, but Expansion Era Georgia Neerie McCloud was alternated during game 62.

Season 2 election results: The Bard Umpire has been bound to the book, and officially elected to enforce the rules next season!

The Georgias won the blessing Bard Strike with 2.5% of the vote. With this, Houston Spies midflanker Scratch Deleuze was cursed, and Can't Lose! The Georgias received the Strike One modifier.

Season 1

The Atlantis Georgias did well this season! We made it to the postseason with a 59-31 record, and then lost to the Mexico City Wild Wings in the semifinals. In the very first game of the new season, former Sunbeams/Lovers player Alexander Horne fell out of the black hole and joined the Georgias, but as of the end of season 1, they are still not listed on the roster.

While we may not have made it to the championship, former Georgias players Ankle Halifax and Fish Summer worked together to make the winning score for the Shoe Thieves.

Season 1 election results: The Forbidden Book is open. The Coronation Era begins. We won 0 blessings.

Expansion Era

Where we left off with Blaseball Beta was a little intense! The entire league was eaten... nullified? by a Black Hole(Black Hole), but not before giving each team a chance to steer itself around on a giant map! Before Blaseball was nullified, the Georgias made their way into The Vault, sponsored by Lōotcrates, the league historian. What effect will this have on the start of NEW Blaseball? We have no idea.